Mauvila Timber LLC was established as an export lumber business in 2000. Strategically located near the Port of Mobile, we ship our products at the most competitive rates possible.

Most of our lumber is sawn from Southern Yellow Pine, primarily Loblolly (Pinus taeda) and Longleaf (Pinus palustris). Southern Yellow Pine is known for its beautiful grain and can be used for stain grade trim and molding, furniture, cabinets as well as construction. We have over 600,000 square feet of warehouse stuffed with high quality Saps, Prime and Better and Select Merch lumber. Our dimensions can be viewed on our website under Lumber Specifications.

Our mills kiln dry and heat treat (KDHT) the lumber to a moisture content of 12% to 16%.

We also offer treated or untreated premium decking for outdoor use. This product is smooth four sides (S4S) and has rounded corner, allowing the homeowner to walk shoeless across the outdoor space in comfort. We can also add the popular “grooves” to help maintain the integrity of the deck by channeling water and offering better traction for foot control.

Mauvila also offers hardwood lumber from across the south including the highly sought after Southern Appalachians White Oak. Please review our available hardwood and keep in mind we can get special types if requested.

Our team is composed of Lane Merchant, General Manager and Vice President of Sales, who has almost 40 years of experience in the export lumber business. Originally from Alabama, Lane has traveled the globe in search of new clients and business. He has seen first-hand the end use of our material in other countries, while developing relationships that assist us in maintaining a stellar reputation. As in all business, reputation is essential to success.

Rhonda Sibley, the newest member of the Mauvila team, is our logistic and documentation specialist.  She keeps in constant contact with buyers and handles the necessary documentation from U.S.D.A. and the shipping lines, directing freight forwarders, confirming bookings, and runs a one-stop shop for information pertaining to filling a container, shipping of lumber, and verifies all specifications related to documentation requirements.

Take a look at our product list. We specialize in southern yellow pine and hardwood lumber. Our diversity of grades allows us to market to all levels of lumber needs. From SAPS to number 2 and multiple dimensions, from full to nominal we can meet your needs!